Diwali – The Ideal Time To Make A Trip

Diwali is the ideal time to make some trip somewhere in India, for two basic reasons. This is the time when the students and the jobholder’s gets a long holiday and that can be utilized for a small trip across different parts of India.

The second reason is that this is the time when the weather condition of different parts of India is ideal and thus the travelling becomes enjoyable and less hazardous. There are several places, where the trip may be planned during this time. Trip may be planned to Assam and visit the Kamakhya Temple on the eve of the Diwali.


Trip may be planned to the Jwalamukhi of Himachal Pradesh, where the Diwali evening can be planned in a very good way. The weather at the Somnath and Dwarka of Gujarat may be conducted, for they would have ideal climatic condition during this time. The basic reasons for planning a trip during this part of the year can be stated as below.


This part of the year is having a great holiday session at the schools, colleges and also the offices. Thus utilizing the holiday break for some short trip and getting the most enjoyment out from there is a smart idea. People from all across the nation plan a trip at this time and adds the trip in the memory for a long working year.

The great trip makes the mind feel relaxed and the body and the mind is again filled up with positive energies to continue hard work for yet another year in the service area or in the study of the students. A trip for the family and with the family is definitely a best gift for them on the eve of Diwali festival.

Weather Condition

India experiences the best weather condition at this phase of the year. The weather is neither hot, nor cold. The weather during the time of Diwali is free from rain also and thus the short trips are ideal to be arranged in this part of the year. The snows in the mountain spots are yet to drop; the summer has said a good bye and the monsoon have just passed away.

The weather is such that the winter is on the way, but yet not reached and so is a very good time for a trip. The winter increases the luggage, the monsoon makes the trip slippery and chances remains there due to heavy rainfall, the trips or the flights are cancelled. But this time of the year is having an ideal climatic condition for a nice and short trip.

Discounts for festive season

The Hotels and the trip advisors declares great discount for the festive reason. The reason is festival but the reason of discount is something which is having a negative sense. In India, festivals means arrangement of celebration and making merry with the family and so there is no arrangement made for such trips by the families ideally during this time of the year.

This makes the trip advisors to declare discounts in the rate, so that their business won’t go dry and the advantage of these fabulous discounts can be utilized for the trip purpose.