Top 10 Ways To Increase Instagram Followers Organically

If you are having one of the brand accounts on Instagram then you might be thinking of increasing Instagram followers. But, do you think that increasing Instagram followers is that easy? It’s not that easy in other social networks also. Well, you might be thinking about fake Instagram bots.

Will it give any value to your brand? Will, 10,000 followers are enough and they will last longer. No, Instagram is efficient enough to clean up the fake Instagram followers. But, there is a sigh of relief as you can increase the Instagram followers organically by just simple 10 steps:


1. Link Instagram account on your website with some banners

You must create a badge or banner on your website to get more Instagram followers. Depending on the traffic, you can as much followers as you can. Even Instagram has the video tutorial to set up the badges on your website.

2. Add a widget on your website

Widgets are the advanced and effective way to increase the Instagram followers. Instead of having just a image link you can create the Instagram photos or share the photos which will link it to your Instagram account.

3. Contests

You must schedule some contests for the users to increase the Instagram followers. Like, to enter into the contest people have to follow you on Instagram and also, you can force them to share your brand photos also.

4. Promote Instagram on other social media

You can cross promote your Instagram account on other social media. This is not the new thing, but you can do it as social media doesn’t have any obligations with it.

5. Optimize the posts and sticks with the idea

You must try something new every time as sometimes something doesn’t strike. But, that doesn’t mean you will be stubborn and will not try new things. You must try something new until something clicks and get the boom boom followers for you.

6. Share the posts regularly

You must post the contents on your Instagram accounts at least once in a day. As, the users follow that account who does frequent updates. You must stick with your pitch and deliver the best daily to increase the followers.

7. Mention others

You must mention the other users who are following you in the caption or tag them. If you will do it for a famous person then it will not affect them much but if you do it with your customers then you can build more weight in your account.


You must do commenting on other posts and link it to your Instagram account to get more followers. This is the oldest trick, but the efficient one.

9. Give importance to the followers feedback

Don’t just ignore the feedback from the people who are following you. If they are giving you a feedback, then they care about your brand.

10. Follow others

You must follow the others as they like it and they follow you back sometimes. Don’t misuse this trick and start following everyone but it should be done in the limit.

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