The Use of Mehendi Designs Has Become Popular In Many Places

The ancient Mehendi Designs or using of the henna has many fans within the past decade because of its convenience and flexibility in its application. Even if it is recognized like a type of the temporary tattoo, henna can be applied on different body parts and it is highly appealing and attractive in how it looks, it has emerged like a fashion statement on its own. There are many advantages that you can get when you start to use henna on your own body.

Use of Mehendi Designs

Using Mehendi designs is safe

The henna tattoos are natural since henna uses natural ingredients alone which means that it is hazard free and safe. You may apply them many times as you wish and you are not going to worry about the side effects or the skin problems and this is contrary to other tattoos which can leave the scars or which may hurt the skin.

The natural henna has also an herbal background with healing features like the therapeutic tendencies which soothe your skin and it makes it to be healthier. They also have the cooling abilities which mean that the people in hot area may use the henna to cool their bodies down.

There are many types of the Mehendi Designs that someone can use such as Arabic mehendi, Pakistani and Indian mehendi. Each one of these designs is different which means that you have enough selection and choice that you may choose from in terms of the design and style. Indian mehendi has become the most popular designs since it is believed to offer therapeutic properties and it is easy to apply or to design on the skin.

How to get Mehendi Paste

It is easy to make natural henna powder; you only need to ground the henna leaves in the powder form, to add some jasmine oil and to boil the water in order to create the henna paste. You may add other substance like lemon juice to preserve freshness or coffee to make paste darker and thicker.

Henna is now available in different colors since the demand to have natural henna had increased in a great deal. You can now find henna dye in different henna color variants like dark orange, dark red, brown and black colors. The henna can be applied easily on the hands and legs or other parts of the body. The major advantage of using mehendi is that you may apply the henna on other parts in a convenient way and without any hassle. You may use ready-made stencils or toothpicks. Normally, mehendi is used as a tradition in the old aged women, but the true is that when put on the hands or feet, the natural beauty of a woman will get a grace look.

The Arabic mehindi style is preferred because it is free flowing and it is big in size and the patterns are in leaves, vines and flowers.