Security Concerns Of The Android Rooting Apps

Android Rooting apps are currently available in the market, a variety of them are reliable and more utility serving than ever. However, there are a few security concerns in the rooting apps, hence it has been planned to make android more secure, thus providing android apps development of rooting apps a challenge to function as easily as they are now. There has been a recent change introduced to the Android Open Source Project and the log of changes shows that they are going to deal with advanced security measures and hence bad news for android rooting apps developers.


The changes that are taking place are at the code commit level of the open source project at the master tree level. This is the location of the repository where all the recent code developments of the android platform are posted. A leading rooting app developer called by the name of Chainfire on his Google+ page reported the news. Chainfire reported that the recent commits in the code specifically causes the prevention of the unconfined domain on the /data partition. This poses a serious problem for the rooting apps like The SuperOneClick, since the SuperUser residing as a software component in this app requires /data partition to load and run.

There are a lot of root apps in the market that have binaries or scripts that are extracted to their application specific files and locations or the lib library that is present on the /data partition. The binaries are executed from there as a root. The main problem is that it will no longer work out of the box and will create an error access denied. These measures are taken solely in the name of the security concerns that the vulnerabilities of an android phone are exposed to. However, a great news is that it is not an attempt by Google in order to kill the root capability, which could have been more strict and bad news for the android rooting developers.

The security model of the Android systems has always relied on the sandboxes to load and execute the code. It also protects the data of the user from other applications. The android developers are now attempting to make it more difficult for the malicious apps to take undue advantage of the security aspects of the OS. When it comes to coding for android rooting, Google’s liberal open source policy has been long supported in order to unlock the apps and served as a gateway for app developers to develop rooting apps.

There are few developers on the XDA forum who have reported this thing to be better than ever before. There is an increase in the phone security according to a few app developers. This also guarantees that the apps that introduce malware and malicious code into existing android systems would not be able to take advantage of security vulnerabilities to an extent that they use to do before. The changes are however written and submitted by researcher for National Security Agency called Stephen Smiley.